Happy November! Yes, I know it's been awhile...

First off, let me just say that I know it has been awhile.  There has been much going on in my world.  The months of September/October were rough months for our family.  My mom fell and, ultimately, broke her back.  She had a compression fracture in her back, but after 2 visits to the ER, they sent her home.  They even did a CT scan the first visit and they said she only had bumps and bruises.  I am so annoyed over that, but moving on...we ultimately brought her to a hospital down closer to where I live.  They did an MRI and discovered that she had not one, but TWO compression fractures in her back.  She underwent a less invasive back surgery and seems to be doing better pain wise.

My weight loss over the last little bit has been hit and miss, but I continue to go to my Weight Watcher meetings.  Here is a little something else that I decided to do for the month of October...I was determined to hit 10,000 steps per day EVERYDAY. I am proud to say that this past Monday October 27th started week 5 of my 10,000 per day.  I am pretty proud of myself for that.  It is amazing how much a streak motivates you to continue to move even when you really don't feel like it.  I didn't want to feel like I'd put so much work in and then lost it.  This month, I've decided to follow Leslie Sansone's Just Walk 30 Day Calendar that came with the Walk It Off in 30 Days kit.  So on top of the 10,000 per day, I will also do whatever workout is called for on the calendar.  My goal for this is that I have already put it on my calendar as an "All Day" task when it's done, I will move it to my "Workout Calendar" to show that I have done it.  I know it is going to be extra work, but I feel like this is something that I need to do for myself.  DH and I made the decision to give up our gym memberships.  I haven't been going and given the situation with my Mom, I'm not sure I can plan to go anytime soon.  If I change my mind about the gym, I can always sign up to use the one at my office OR we can sign up for a gym again.  I am determined to get this weight off and get to my goal.  It won't happen overnight and I know this.  There will be ups and downs and I know this too, but this is for me.  My husband and family love me no matter what weight I am, but I choose me.  I choose me to be happy and healthy and live a long happy life with my family.  If anyone wants to join me, let me know.  I'd be glad to have a "buddy". 

A non-weight loss related goal is to set myself up for a streak for brushing my teeth at night.  I know it sounds bad, but I have never been a brush your teeth morning and night kind of gal.  I know I need to, but I just don't.  My body gets tired and I just don't put forth the effort to do it.  With all the money we are paying for these teeth, I really should take better care of them.  So far, I've got one day on this streak (I brushed last night), but I would like to start this and hopefully it will work for me the same way the 10,000 steps per day has.


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