October Ramblings

Sometimes we get complacent and old habits creep in...not always good ones.  During these times, we need to refocus on what we need to do if we truly want to hit our goals.  As I was watching Biggest Loser (I know I said I wouldn't watch again) on Hulu, I heard Bob say something that resonated with me.  He said: "Your mind has got to be clear. Your mind has got to be the strongest part of your body right now, because all the obstacles are happening from the neck down. Get your mind straight. Think about what you want."  As often as I have read that your brain is the strongest muscle in helping or hindering you on this journey, I just sat there in awe...it was my lightbulb moment.  I need to get out of my own head and betraying my body.  If I am going to make it to my weight loss goal, I need to continue to take steps that will get me there.  Since I am doing Weight Watchers, I have decided that I am going to try to focus on the Power Foods and do Simply Filling for several days in a row.  I want to plan some meals and make sure that I am taking care of me.  I know this journey is not going to be perfect and the weight will not come off immediately.  I didn't gain it overnight so I can't expect to lose it that way either.

Although I said I wouldn't watch Biggest Loser this season, I thought I would watch the first one to see what it was all about.  Honestly, they changed it up this season and are training all former athletes.  Some were playing professional sports, some were playing his high school and college, but they are trying to tap into their competitive spirit again.  Let's be honest, we all have a competitive spirit.  Sometimes we just need to engage it.  I am trying to remember that it isn't about being better than someone else, but about being a better ME.  I am the only person that I can truly compete with on a level playing field.

I was also reminded that we are not promised tomorrow.  I have had one friend post that she lost her brother in law and another in a group that I am in post that she lost her husband.  Another friend has lost her mother.  Life is precious.  I don't want to wake up consistently with regrets, nor do I want to get to the end of my life and wonder why I never did X.  I am a beautiful masterpiece just trying to get out of my own way and find myself again.  

Why do I continue to fight for my weight loss?  I want to be the mom that does things, not the mom that has a migraine or doesn't feel good.  I want to be able to climb the mountain that I had trouble with on my honeymoon.  I want to go for walks and feel comfortable in my own skin.  For me, it isn't being skinny...it's about being healthy.  Being thinner will be a pleasant side effect.

Oh, and so it's said, I had some knee problems (still do, but trying to push through) but this week I am back to my cycling addiction!  I am trying to focus on what I eat.

Goals this week: Get to a class at least once.  Try to strength train a little this week.  Track what I eat.  


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