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DEAR CONCERNED NEIGHBOR...take a moment to see his perspective...

For those of you on my FB page, you know I have been on my weight loss journey for longer than I'd care to admit.  However, I was SADDENED and OUTRAGED when I saw this earlier.  I am sad for this neighbor who clearly thinks that this man who according to the post has lost 80 pounds before this letter was received. I was outraged because clearly this man has made himself a priority and is working on taking back his health.  Kudos to him and his weight loss efforts!  It sounds as if he is well on his way to taking back his life.  I am proud for him and of him for his efforts. To the neighbor that wrote this mean spirited letter, you may never have had a weight problem or financial problems, etc., but I am sure there is something that you have struggled with.  I suspect that you have had a child, mother, cousin, father, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, best friend, or even adopted family that may have had a weight loss problem.  To truly solve this problem, it is a struggle and