I have been trying to do a bit of soul searching of late.  There have been some crises (minor, but it seemed worse at the time) that I have had to deal with that have sort of prompted this current bit of soul searching.  If you have met me in person or gotten to know me through the internet, email, etc. I am a positive person…a Pollyanna, if you will.  I try to always see the positive side of things and honestly, the glass is half full 90% of the time.  I have noticed that while I can “Pollyanna” my way through a lot with my friends and family, I am not always so nice to myself.  I have learned a lot while on this journey, which often times seems like a roller coaster ride, about myself and what I need to do and what works for me with my weight loss journey and just me as a person.  It is beneficial for me to make lists and schedules, but I have to remember that sometimes life happens and I can’t blame myself for those moments when I can’t make it to water aerobics or whatever.  There are things that I used to have difficulty having around me and could not portion out no matter how hard I tried, but I can now.  Although from time to time, there are still moments I want to eat all of the things!  Anyone have any suggestions on allowing myself to be Pollyanna even with myself?  


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