Thursday, May 29th Weigh in Update

Yesterday was a bit crazy.  My mother has been running a fever but we don’t yet know why.  Hopefully we will find out today.  She called me this morning and seems to be feeling better.  DD12 had her talent show last night.  We are gearing up for her last week of elementary school.  DS14 is finishing out middle school next week as well.  You would think this would not be so emotional for me since I already have one that has graduated, but it totally is emotional for me.

Getting to my weigh in, I maintained this week.  Considering I went a little crazy a couple of times with pizza, etc. over the holiday weekend.  I do feel better going into the week because I have an idea of what to cook and when I can get meals cooked in advance.  I am trying to prepare my meal plan up to a week and a half out so that I can’t really make excuses.  Goals for this week:  Preparing at least 2 meals in advance and tracking EVERYTHING.


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