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Day 49 of my 100 day challenge

So I am checking in after my weigh in last night…and I lost the 5.2 that I gained the week before.   Still not certain how that gain happened in the first place, but I am thankful for the loss.   I am trying to be more diligent in my tracking.   Also, I have been looking for some new recipes.   I found a girl on youtube (WeightWatchergirl1) and she has some great recipes on there.   I am excited to try a few of them out…well, minus the sloppy joes because I had a bad experience with sloppy joes as a child and I just won’t eat them. Also, let’s be honest, I have been told repeatedly that I dress frumpy or older than I actually am, etc.   I was raised Pentecostal so I dress modestly compared to many people.   I don’t like to wear skirts too short, etc.   I know that it probably doesn’t help me look any taller or anything, but I prefer to maintain my modesty.   I told a friend that I would go to a personal shopper after we hit our weight loss goals, but I am concerned that I

Day 42 of my 100 Day Challenge

As of last night at my weigh in, I gained 5.2 pounds over last week’s weigh in.   I am upset by this, more than I can really express.   I have been walking 10,000 steps or more per day and trying to eat well.   I can honestly say after looking back at my food logs, I probably did not have enough veggies and fruits everyday and several days I was slightly below my calorie range (even the 1200 mark, if I’m honest).   I didn’t eat anything crazy this week.   I didn’t have any sodas and was, in fact, pretty proud of the fact that I was hitting 10,000 steps most days including Sunday, which I normally take as a rest day.   I came home, depressed, as you can imagine and promptly started making my meal plan for the coming week.   I normally sit down with everyone and discuss it, but I decided that I couldn’t wait for everyone else, so I started going through the recipe book (I print off recipes and put them in a binder) aside from my cookbooks that I have and started marking stuff and ma

Day 36/100 of my Personal Challenge

Yes, I know I have been lax again in my blogging. I think I was in a bad mindset. I had 2 weeks of gains, they were both less than a pound, but equaled a pound. I think that it was the not eating thing, but I managed to lose 2 pounds this week. Not quite sure how, but I am thankful for it. Today starts a new challenge for the next 8 weeks. My goal in the next 8 weeks is to lose 9.3 pounds, which is about 1.2 pounds per week. I know I can do it. I think this will definitely help me to focus on more active rest days on the weekends. I was reminded by a friend on another board about using the library as a source for the audiobooks again. I think that I may try that to help me get through my time on the machines at the gym. The other plan I have is to make sure that I prepare my salads for lunch this week (we got salad mix with Greenling this week) and I'm going to make use of it...aside from just having sandwiches. I think I am getting in a food rut and I need to get out o