Weigh in Update and Day 14 of my 100 Day No Excuses Personal Challenge

I must admit that I am feeling frustrated this week.  I tried to push myself last week to getting to the gym and wind up with an upper respiratory infection which has had me knocked out most of this week.  I am not going to let it stop me though.  I am more determined than ever to make sure that I do what I need to do to not fail myself on this challenge.  That is the thing about this…whether I do workout or follow my meal plan, the one person that it really affects…is ME. 

What have I accomplished since starting this challenge 14 days ago?  I am listening to my body.  I stop when I am feeling full and don’t push myself to clean my plate.  Yes, I am a clean plate club member.  I don’t know if it was only the time I grew up in.  I am not pushing myself when my body says STOP, I need to rest.  I’d feel so much better about working out right now, if I could NOT hear myself every time I breathe.  My chest seems to be rumbling every time I breathe.  I am hoping that the antibiotics kick in soon.

Plans for the coming week?  I am still planning my meals and my workouts.  I know it may sound like a frivolous activity right now since I’m not feeling 100%, but I am trying to make it a habit. 

This is MY journey and it’s MY life and MY challenge for me.  I will not allow myself to continue down a path that is self destructive.  This means I have to take responsibility for ME.  What I eat, what I drink, when I exercise, etc.  This is all about what works for me and my body.  I can’t guarantee that what works for me is going to work for everyone since we are all individuals, but I know nothing will work if I don’t try it.

Oh and for what it is worth, I did manage to lose 0.2 this week.  Considering I couldn’t do much after Sunday, I will take it.

Weigh-in the Thursday before Starting the Challenge: 189.6
Current weigh in: 187.6
Loss: 2.0 pounds


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