Day 4 of the 100 Day No Excuses Personal Challenge

Admittedly, today is one of those days. I have a headache…it isn’t migraine status and to be honest, I think it is my allergies, but it is annoying as all get out.

Foodwise, it’s not been too bad. I did, however, splurge when my bosses came and asked me if I wanted Jersey Mike’s. I always get the same thing (#7 Turkey & Provolone Sub in a Tub, Mike’s Way). I’ve already calculated the PointsPlus value and it’s in my SparkPeople Tracker as well. I have been trying to be good about tracking my food even though I have mostly been following the Simply Filling Plan which allows you to only track your “extras”. I just feel more comfortable tracking. I changed my tracker to Simply Filling instead of counting PointsPlus. My Weekly PointsPlus allowance refreshes on Thursday (at 12:01 a.m.), but so far, it appears that I have definitely been dipping into my Activity Points as well.  Good thing I’ve been working out, right?

Exercise wise, I took a walk with my husband to get our lunch on Saturday. I went grocery shopping on  Sunday. Yesterday I did a 2 mile dvd at home.  Today I did 15 minutes on the upper lower body cycle while I was at work...not to mention that I walked to vote with DH...if you haven't seen the pictures from our wedding, he's 6'2" and I'm 4'10", so it's a trick to keep up with him.  I also walked in the office today as well.  As much as I know I should grab a dvd, my head is just hurting so I think I may just grab a band and do my strength training that way. 

Randomness: Is it weird that I am using my “mix-ins” for my Plain Fat Free Greek Yogurt instead of  my water? It is really tasty and I’m not sure I can deal with plain Greek yogurt. Also, the one thing I  asked my boss for when he went to Costco…anybody care to guess?? Yep, I asked him to get my some Cheerios! Woot! I will keep my measuring cup handy so I’m not going completely crazy with them.


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