Day 26 of my 100 Day Challenge

I will likely see a loss on the scale this week…thanks to the dentist. Yep, I have mouth pain again. They were trying to remove the temporary crowns and although it hurt, I thought I could suck it up because they would pop off in a minute. Yeah, not so much…those temporary crowns did not want to come off. The dentist came in and looked at them and they have decided to wait for 2 more weeks because my teeth were so tender. I can’t say that I’m not frustrated because I would be lying to myself and everyone else. It frustrates me when I can’t floss between all of my teeth. I wound up taking the first pain pill but when it didn’t help, I did take second one. Then my annoying friend “Insomnia” showed up. Not the way I wanted to spend my night/morning. I didn’t make it for my date with my boyfriend “GYM”, but I’ll definitely work on getting some extra steps in today to try to make up for it. Just hoping I can get in enough calories when I am not able to eat much. So today’s SparkCoach topic for me was about overcoming the “all or nothing” attitude. I have been on this journey for longer than I’d care to admit. What I can say is that it has honestly taken me YEARS to overcome this attitude and there are still days when it is trying for me. What I have come to realize though is that I did not put this weight on and become this unhealthy overnight. This also is a great reminder for other areas in my life. I can’t expect things to change overnight, including my mindset about certain things. I am learning that some change is definitely good. Just a little something else too because it is on my heart today, I just wanted to say that I am blessed beyond belief with the support that I am receiving since starting this challenge. Not just from my Sparkfriends/online friends, but also from family and friends.


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