Day 2 of 100 Day No Excuses Personal Challenge

Yesterday? Well, honestly, I have really realized that weekends are hard for me. I think it is the lack of schedule. We had such a nice day on Saturday for things to turn completely on Sunday and we were under a winter weather advisory. We quickly got our grocery errands taken care of and headed home for the rest of the day. I did drink some hot tea instead of my normal hot chocolate when the weather is cold. I am thankful that I found some hot tea that I like and can drink without sugar. It is much easier for me when I have my routine to fall back on. I am still trying to adjust to the Simple Start/Simply Filling Plan. I am still tracking because I feel better doing so, but I am feeling more and more comfortable with it each passing day. Although Mother Nature seems to be trying to thwart my workout plans…little did she know that I had a backup plan with some DVDs in the event that the bad weather struck. If anyone of my WW friends has some suggestions for snack foods, I’d appreciate the help. I know I could simply have a fruit or a veggie, but I like to have more protein with it. It helps keep me fuller longer.


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