Day 1 of 100 Day No Excuses Challenge

Honestly, I can't say yesterday was the best day ever, but I don't think I did too bad considering I am allowing for the human factor as well.  DH and I did buy some new teas for me to try which I hope will help curb the craving for sweets.  We bought a Red Velvet Cupcake tea and a Chocolate Covered Strawberry tea.  I also have a Chocolate Mint Truffle tea that is awesome!  

I did sort of splurge at dinner.  To be honest, we went to the gun range and even if I had packed a snack, I wouldn't have felt comfortable trying to eat it because my hands were dirty from reloading magazines, etc.  I wound up having a Taqueria style chicken quesadilla.  I didn't have nearly enough fruits and veggies, but I did mostly stay within my PointsPlus for the day.  Breakfast was a 2 egg sandwich with fat free cheese on a sandwich thin and a banana, which is all free under Weight Watchers Simply Filling plan.  Oh and let's not forget my coffee, which was 0 PointsPlus because I only use a tablespoon of the coconut milk creamer and coffee is 0 PointsPlus.  Lunch was a chopped turkey salad from Subway, which is also allowable.

DH and I walked to Subway with the dogs to get our lunch.  It was a nice day for a walk because it got up to 80, I think.  Today is another story because it will only be in the 30's today.

DH and I sat down to figure out our meal plan and what we needed to get at the grocery store.  I feel good about this week. I have a meal plan in place and an exercise plan and a back up exercise plan in the event that I need it.  I am determined to make some headway during this challenge.


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