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Responses to Friend Makin’ Mondays: Randomly Getting to Know YouGood morning everyone...a few days late. :-)

1. Introduce yourself in under 10 words. Texan, and mom of 3. 2. How did you find Friend Makin Mondays? I don’t remember how I found Kenlie’s blog, but that’s how I found Friend Makin Monday. 3. Have you ever met any of your blog readers? I don’t have too many readers at the moment, so other than my best friend, no, I have not.. 4. How many states have you visited? I won’t really include the ones from when I was little bitty because I honestly can’t remember the trips, just being told about them. I have been to Florida, New Mexico, Colorado, Massachusetts, Louisiana, Arkansas, and that’s all I can remember right now. 5. What did you have for lunch yesterday? Yogurt. I had dental work done on Tuesday and my mouth was still sore. 6. How many different places have you lived in? I was born and raised in Denison, Texas and now live in Richardson, Texas. I was in Kissimmee, Florida for 3 months while going to school, but can you really count that since I was in a dorm?? 7. Wha

My Personal 100 Day Challenge...and have you ever??

Okay, so I'm going to start with the have you ever part... Have you ever realized how reliant that you get on other things to give you feedback? The laptop computer that my Spark Activity Tracker and FitBit are connected to is basically dying. So I have not had access to my activity trackers because they can't sync if the computer isn't on. I told my husband this morning that we are moving them tonight because I can't take it. I feel like it is pointless for me to walk if I'm not getting "credit" for it which is ridiculous because my body knows the difference. The things you realize, right?  After some research, this is what I have decided for my 100 Day No Excuses Challenge: It will go from March 1, 2014 to June 9, 2014. My goal is to lose between 14 and 28 pounds. Notice I am sticking to a 1 to 2 pound loss per week. Focus on eating less processed foods/eating cleaner. Working out 15 minutes per day, at least, 5 days per week. I will shoot to have an &

Pondering 100 day challenge...

I was down 0.8 at weigh in at my Weight Watchers meeting on Thursday.  I have been feeling recently like I am not really working the plan, but just going through the motions.  I will say in the spirit of honesty that I have been really nervous about trying the new Simple Start plan.  Since I have really begun tracking, I feel like I need to continue that trend.  I have made the decision that I have to give it a whirl.  I feel like if I don't that I will ultimately regret it because I will have that "what if I did it and it worked??" feeling.  I owe it to myself to try.  If I don't like it or don't do well, I can honestly say I tried.  If it does work, then I've only lost weight...and how is that a bad thing? So, I have been seeing many people post about their different variations of the 100 day challenge.  A lot are very inspirational.  I am thinking of my own variation.  I am thinking of a No Excuses 100 day challenge.  I will not lie, challenges are someti

Change starts now...

Well, actually, it started yesterday.  I made the decision not to go weigh in on Thursday because I had had fun (NOT) sliding home from work a couple of hours earlier.  Since I knew I really needed to see what was going on, I went yesterday morning.  Can I say I have been 100% on plan? No, not really.  But per the official scale, I was 2.6 pounds down.  As I was checking out FB, I noticed that some friends of mine had posted their workouts and it really made me realize that I have been making excuses for myself not to workout.  I do realize that all the workout DVDs or planning in the world isn't going to help me if I don't do it.  So I got up yesterday and did my 5 Really Big Miles DVD (it's Leslie Sansone in case you were wondering) and burned some calories as well as got some toning in as well.  I felt much better once it was done.  Today I headed to the Nia class at Move Studio that my friend Jan was substituting.  I had forgotten how much I really enjoyed Nia until a f

Feeling Frustrated...

<a href="">Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a> It has been a few weeks since I have posted anything.  Honestly, I have been feeling my motivation wane.  Of late, I have been doing some soul searching.  I know what I need to do, but I have been lax on doing some of it.  However, just when I was getting seriously frustrated with counting every little thing and making sure that it is logged, I received an email that I drafted before the first of the year from Futureme.  It reminded me that my focus was on the smaller changes.  While I may feel like I'm spinning my wheels at the moment, I know that if I work the program, I will be successful.  In the past, I have lost almost 50 pounds, but I gained it back when life got in the way.  Life is not always going to be perfect, but I know I can do this again.  One step at a time by making lifestyle changes.  I can control my own destiny when it comes to this wei