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Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a great holiday season!  I, for one, am thankful that the holiday season has come and gone simply because some of the sweets were definitely causing me problems staying OP.  So far this week, it has been pretty good.  I have logged all my food (whether I liked it or not) and am not sure what to expect tomorrow on the scale, but I have to say that I am proud of my efforts.  Dinner meal plan was done on Sunday or Saturday, I honestly don't remember.  I have been eating sandwiches with veggies this week.  It helps keep me on track.  I am determined to make this my year . I am taking it back to basics and making small changes.  It may not sound like much right now, but those little changes add up to big changes.   I got a new tracker to help me on my way...I purchased the Spark Activity Tracker.  Although I love my FitBit, it is a little worse for the wear and it is actually cutting into my stomach.  I have been wearing both for the time being so I can adjust and