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How did I manage to LOSE over a holiday??

I truly have no idea other than really trying to be better about tracking.  I have been up and down with my weight loss since August.  I feel like I have been fighting with the same 5-ish pounds.  I am determined even with the holidays to re-focus and make some changes.  I'm definitely not focusing on perfection, but progress.  Meal planning is key for me.  I figured out that if I start there, it is a positive step for me.  I am really enjoying using my crockpot and making some delicious meals for my family.  Being a little creative in the kitchen is always fun.  I have created some casseroles just based on what I had in the kitchen at the time.  I started referring to them as "throw together" casseroles.  We've got the older son living with us too so the things we might have eaten before we can't always eat because of his allergies.  Definitely figuring it out though.  I love having him here for sure.  The changes are coming, it is just slow.  Here's where I