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Starting over...AGAIN

There are many of us that have been on this journey for awhile or have “restarted”, gone back to basics, etc. I think sometimes we forget why we started on this journey to be healthier. I know I have. After the comment from my doctor asking me if I had considered weight loss surgery, I was really disturbed and then shortly after I lost an old and dear friend that I realized I had known for over half my life. I have really come to realize that we are promised tomorrow. I need to take care of my body and myself because this is the one that God trusted me with and I will have it all my life. I have been listening to SparkRadio a lot in the past few weeks. Even listening again to episodes I may have already heard and trying to educate myself a little more. (side note, if you haven’t listened to SparkRadio, give it a try) I am being reminded as I listen of things that I heard before and have forgotten or used for awhile and then they went by the wayside. I began to feel a renewed sense of


It is time to catch up, set goals and re-kindle my weight loss.  I have really been off and on for the last several months and have been struggling with the same few pounds.  I'm just TIRED of feeling bad.  I have my 4th wedding anniversary coming up this week.  On my honeymoon, my sweet husband had to help me get up the mountain.  I want to be able to do this by myself.  I don't want him to have to push me up the mountain.  It was totally worth it, but it was totally not just me.  Although I have a ways to go (over 50 pounds), but I know that I can do it.  I just have to break it down in small steps.  In the past few months I have lost a childhood friend, lost a radio DJ that I have been listening to for so many years.  I was diagnosed with a slight case of sleep apnea and the first thing my neurologist says to me is "have you considered weight loss surgery?"  Um, no, I haven't.  I was stunned.  My weight loss is more important than ever.  It is not just that I n