Weekends are hard!

Reflecting back over the weekend, it has occurred to me that weekends seem to be more difficult for me than the rest of the week.  I guess it's because all of the family is home and there is really no set time to eat or workout.  Sadly, when DH and I tried to hit yoga over the weekend, he though I was watching the clock and I thought he was.  This meant when he realized what time it was, we didn't have time to get to class.  

When I was working, I had a schedule and would have my meals and snacks generally at the same time each day.  I also had a specific time to workout.  Unfortunately, since I have been unemployed, I haven't had a schedule like that to stick to.  I am trying to get back into a schedule for my own peace of mind and waistline!

I'm a woman determined to get back on track and continue with the positive changes.  Make those positive changes habits.  Does anyone else have the same problem about staying on track on the weekends?  I'm definitely open to suggestions.


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