Moving into 2013...Challenges for myself

I saw this on FB and started thinking about it a little bit.  I know I am a child of the King.  He has great plans for me, even though I may not know what those are.  No matter what struggles I may face, the war is already won.  Jesus loved me enough to die on a cross for me.  What an amazing love that is!

The other thing that I thought about is that I haven't really been making the best choices for myself lately.  I've only been given one body.  With only one body, I should be taking better care of it than I am.  With that in mind, I am trying to take steps to take better care of me.  Ultimately, I want to lose 52 pounds this year.  However, what I realized from this year is that I need to take each day as it comes and focus on that day.  I can plan my meals in advance, but I also realize that life gets in the way sometimes and I need a back-up plan just in case.  If I take it one day at a time instead of focusing on the bigger goal, I can handle it without getting overwhelmed.  Each day I strive to get my workout in and then focus on what I am putting in my mouth.  If I am re-focusing my energies on that day instead of looking too far ahead, I will be less likely to get overwhelmed.  I have faith that I can do this.  I may need a little support to get over the hump sometimes, but I know I can do this.  Everyday is a choice that I make.  I saw a post from a guy that said:
"I don't want to wake up a 5am for workouts.
I don't want to work out for 2 hours a day.
I don't want to write down what I eat.
I don't want to limit my food.
I don't want to think about my health every day.

But I don't want to be 400 pounds ever again.
And that trumps any "I don't" I could ever think of."

After seeing that, I thought about myself at my highest weight, which was just over 200 pounds.  For those of you that know me, or can imagine, just over 200 pounds on my 4'10" frame, was hard on my body.  Even now, not being that weight, my joints knees, especially the one that I previously had surgery on, my ankles, my hips.  I know what I have to do to change it...I have to move.  When I moved before and was eating healthier, I didn't hurt this bad.  So, in the beginning, I may have to hurt a little to get back to where I once was weight wise, but I know when I get there, I will feel so much better!

Challenges for 2013:

at least 1 mile for each day 2013
focus on each day as it comes
track my food and try not to overwhelm myself with looking too far in the future.
each day is a new day to refocus and refuel
remember to eat to live, not live to eat
remember that God is in control, He has broad shoulders and He can handle my problems


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