Am I just ordinary?

You are *anything* but ordinary. - Ellis Grey, Grey's Anatomy

I have been  watching old episodes of Grey's Anatomy, starting with Season 1.  I recently saw the episode where Meredith dies and she sees Denny and the bomb squad guy and her mom's scrub room nurse and her dog, Doc.  They are all telling her that she needs to go back, but she's not listening because she's not ready to yet.  She needs to deal with what is going on in her head before she goes back and part of that is hearing her mom, Ellis Grey, who was a force to be reckoned with at Seattle Grace and any other hospital, tell her that she was ordinary.  I can't imagine how that would feel.  My mother didn't raise me to be just ordinary.  The Father above didn't create me to be just ordinary.  I am special.  I am one of a kind.  There is no one on this earth exactly like me.  Sometimes I think we just need a reminder that we are not simply ordinary.  We are extraordinary.  The Father created us with a purpose and a plan for each of our lives.  I don't always know what the purpose or plan for my life is, but I walk by faith that He has one.  What I do know is that I need to follow through with my healthy lifestyle changes in order to be prepared for whatever He sends my way.  

I am blessed.  I woke up this morning and He started me on my way.  I have a roof over my head, food on my table and a wonderful family, extended family, church family and friends.  In addition, my heart seems to be working fine, my blood pressure is under control, my legs work just fine, despite the occasional joint pain.  How can I not be blessed?  Soon, I will be starting a new position.  Do I have it yet?  No, but I have faith that I will.  There are many times I just have to walk by faith and not by sight because if I didn't, I'd be one depressed woman.

Goals for next week:

Plan my meals to try to get the healthy guidelines in.
Track my food.
Workout everyday.

Just remember....

You are *anything* but ordinary!


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