A Moment of Reflection...

I'm not going to lie, 2012 has not been the year that I'd hoped or planned for it to be.  The short version is that I didn't work the way I needed to in order to hit my goals.  Am I a failure?  No, I don't think so because I haven't quit trying.  I just have to work harder at it in the coming year.

Although in the wake of the most recent shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in CT, I am reminded that life is precious.  I am also reminded that we aren't promised tomorrow.  I have to remember to live today like tomorrow may not come.  Garth Brooks had a song out years ago "If Tomorrow Never Comes" and then Tim McGraw had one called "Live Like You Were Dying".  They are both to remind us that we aren't promised tomorrow and we need to handle the things we need to take care of like making sure that our loved ones know they are loved and not to say things in anger that you may regret.  I try to remember these things because I know you can't "unring the bell".  Once something is said, it's hard to make up for it.  I have tried to teach my children not to say that they "hate" anyone by explaining that it is a very strong word.  We have a tendency to overuse words and they lose their meaning.

I pray for all the families affected by this tragedy, but especially the children.  I can't imagine the nightmare that they have to live with each day after having gone through something like that.  I know it has to be hard for those families that have lost someone, but those children who remain are confused as well.  There are many questions that come to light after a tragedy.  I pray that God can bring peace to those families and children that remain after this tragedy.


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