Done with Excuses!

As you may know, I have been dealing with a frozen shoulder since December of last year.  I'm still going to therapy for it.  It occurred to me, as I have this week off, that I need to quit making excuses for my bad behavior  (not eating any veggies or fruit) or lack of behavior (i.e. tracking, working out, etc.) because of my shoulder and then I got sick.  There is no way that I will hit goal if I keep going this way.  I still had two gift cards from the holidays so I decided that I was going to give in and use them the way I had been thinking about for some time.  One of my best friends has a FitBit and loves it!  I decided that is how I would spend my gift cards.  Today, after Family Zumba at the Y (more on that in a minute), we walked from our house to Radio Shack so I could FINALLY pick one up!  I have it all set up now and I'm so excited!  It monitors sleep, how many steps you take, if you take the stairs and how many flights you take, how many calories you burn by working out.  It's sort of like a heart rate monitor, pedometer and all together!  I can't wait for my first full day with it!

So, today, for the first time since my shoulder injury, I went to Zumba!  OMGosh!  I forgot how hard it can be and how much I love it!  Even my husband, after I gave him a hard time, came in and did it with me instead of riding the bike.  I love him so much for supporting me!  Our daughter went in and did it as well, but our younger son didn't feel up to it once we got there.  I have to admit my husband did a good job considering that he's not overly coordinated when it comes to dancing, but I love that he tries anyway!

I had a 0.2 gain this week.  My goals for this week are to track, hit the gym while I'm off even if I have to modify due to the shoulder not being at 100% and have a fruit or veggie with each meal!  Today has been good in that respect!  I had a banana with breakfast, I had an Oven Roasted Chicken Breast Sandwich from Subway (with hollowed out Wheat Bread) loaded with veggies and for dinner I had a Subway Club Salad with Ranch dressing on the side and Orange Juice.  Sadly, I'm going to have to try harder to hit my calorie goal, but I'm hoping to be doing better at that by the end of the week! :-)  There's my plan for the week!  What's your plan for your week?


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