Reflections of 2011 and Looking forward into 2012...

As I look bad into 2011, I have to admit that this has not been my best weight loss year.  I do, however, have to admit that I am proud of myself for several things that have happened in this past year.  I have tried several new classes and new things.  Like what?  Well, I actually went to a Yoga studio to try a class.  It was an absolutely amazing experience and I have an overwhelming desire to repeat it!  I foresee that happening again in 2012.  I got on a StairMaster and lasted longer than a minute.  If you have never been on the StairMaster, I suggest you try it.  I am super proud of myself for that.  My challenge for myself in 2012 is to try to get up to 30 minutes...I may increase that once I get there...but I'll start there.  I attempted to start the Couch to 5K, but unfortunately, fell and broke my hand and really didn't get back into it.  I am hoping to change that this year.  I don't know that I will ever be a full fledged runner, but I'd like to say that I tried and made that decision.  I joined the Biggest Weight Loss Challenge at the YMCA.  I didn't get to go back for the last session to see how far I had come because my uncle passed away, but I feel good about the workouts I did with the personal trainer.  I want to try to do that again.  I tried some cross training classes and that's something that I never would have done a couple of years ago.  It was an awesome experience going to the Psycho Gym and American Power Yoga and I hope to be able to do that again.  I met some awesome people and will continue to pursue my weight loss goals and get more fit because of the things that I learned.  I also enlisted the help of a nutritionist towards the end of this year.  It makes a world of difference know that you are accountable to one person rather than being accountable in a room full of people.

Looking forward to 2012.  I laid out some goals for myself, which I will put at the end.  I have made the decision that I will NOT give up on myself.  Ultimately, I want to be able to climb the mountain by myself without feeling like I am so out of breath, etc. and I want to get to my goal weight of 135.  Right now, I'm at 187.6 so I have a ways to go.  I WILL GET THERE! If I can be so stubborn about so many things (ask anyone that has known me for any length of time, I can dig my heels in!), I know I can be stubborn about this and I can attain every one of my goals.  I am continuing to learn new things about myself and about this journey.  Continue to see the nutritionist and letting her help guide me down the right path towards my goal weight the healthy way!

I am continuously amazed at how my body changes and how it stands up to the demands I make on it.  I am enjoying trying new things and seeing how my body feels afterwards.  I am reminded of things that I enjoyed so much as a child.  Hula Hooping being one of them.  My sweet husband ordered me a hula hoop for Christmas.  I got to pick the colors for it and am very excited to get it so I can practice more on my own!


1.Lose 52 pounds in 2012.
2.Track my food everyday.
3.Plan my meals.
4.Plan my workouts.
5. Aim to get 250 to 300 minutes of cardio in per week.
6.Strength Training twice a week (once released from physical therapy).
7.Try new workouts!
8.Remember that this is about and for me.  This is the one time that I have to be selfish so that I can be around for my family in the future. 
9. Spend more time with my friends.
10. Be thankful for the blessings in my life.


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